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In a world where devices keep getting smarter, what would we see if we looked inside their minds? 

Meant to be used as tools for meditative contemplation, like the mandala, Diana's Machine | Dreams embody an aesthetic sophistication & elegance that transports the Visionary Healing Art genre into the realm of high art. 

Through a mix of abstraction and referential forms, Diana's paintings invite an interactive, co-creative relationship with the viewer. 

Machine | Dreams are worlds in which to get lost: experiencing them is like observing ocean waves: They begin with a sense of awe, overwhelm at their busy, frantic lines, and end with projection of one's own thoughts onto the suggestive forms hidden within, providing the viewer a mirror to his own soul. 

Machine | Dreams take multiple forms: animations accompanied by healing solfeggio frequencies, immersive multimedia experiences, video art, and the paintings themselves function as objets and are HD metallic prints mounted on acrylic or dye sublimations on aluminum.  They are divided into four categories: Mandalas, Buddhas, Temples, and Heavens.

For access to the complete catalog, contact:


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