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" A post-modern Georgia O'Keeffe... "

    "Like Dr. Who portals through time and space..."

Diana Iris Baltazar’s paintings place her alongside visionary healing artists who aim to harmonize the spirit through Art of Meditative Contemplation.  

Interested in the mystical and transformative properties of art, Diana’s work reveals the power of post-modern imagery to not only express the essence of our contemporary condition, but also to guide us towards a state of harmonious integration with today’s frenetic, anxious times. 

Born to a family of medical healers, Diana has had an inclination towards the visual arts since early childhood, and her talent was quickly recognized.  A multihyphenate, Diana works as a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, sustainability advocate, photographer, and producer for both fashion and feature film, in addition to working in the Fine Arts.


Diana holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Visual Art and Comparative Religion from Brown University and a Master of Arts degree in Visual Culture from NYU Steinhardt's School of Education and Human Development.

For access to the current catalog, please contact: 

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